Dance is for Everyone and for Every Body to Experience

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Our ancestors established rituals to celebrate the rites of passage of an individual, family and community to benefit the ecosystem of the tribe. Connecting to a “greater power” between the earth and sky, was a means of survival and transformation.

Dancing to rhythmic melodic phrases enhances our physical and emotional wellbeing. When we dance with others in a communal setting, we experience a greater sense of release, letting go and the opportunity to transform.

In western culture, we are disconnected from the natural instinct to move and express with the body, mind and heart acting as one.

danceflow safely and proactively engages the individual to expand their physical potential within a large or small group setting. The session is conducted with guided prompts and structured sequencing threaded together in a diverse soundscape. The effect, whether dancing indoors or outside, is the enhanced feeling of physical expansiveness and inner calm around a ceaseless flow of energy.

danceflow sessions run from 60–120 minutes depending upon age, physical background and level of ability of the participants.

Intermittent breaks are built into the session to provide rest, reflection and rejuvenation.

danceflow is comprised of 4 sections

  • Beginnings — emphasizing breath & core — on the floor, sitting/standing
  • Heartbeat — exploring body weight through rhythmic propulsion
  • Journey — travelling through space supported by guided prompts Common Ground
  • Cool down — breathing with physical ease

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Gina Buntz, Founding Director

Ms. Buntz is a dance educator and choreographer with over 35 years of experience teaching and working with beginning adults, pre-professional and professional dancers, university and K-12 dance programs. She has taught at NewWorld School of the Arts, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Chair of the dance Dept. at the Los Angeles Count High School for the Arts. Gina is now dance director for the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC.

She has taught and presented her work as part of cultural exchanges through the State Department as well working in the commercial the dance world as part of the original cast of the movie, FAME.

Ms. Buntz has long recognized the need to bring dance back into one's daily life and serve as an essential part of one's physical regimen. It is her goal to have danceflow become a companion to people's lives and serve an important niche as meaningful way to interact in community with other.